So, your workplace has a no-tolerance policy?

Tell that to your next lawsuit.

Honcho is communications-protection software that helps reduce the risk of non-compliant communications. Monitor messages, archive official communication channels, and support supervisory review of any issues that arise. Show employees, customers, and the world that you care about ensuring an ethical and compliant workplace. And, invest in your communications now to avoid costly litigation, negative press, and a demoralized culture later.

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Protect your communications with Honcho.

Coach & Prevent

Honcho detects when users are composing high-risk communications. The solution is customizable to coach employees on the right thing to say before hitting send. Preventing problematic messages from being typed and sent protects employees first and keeps your company safe.

Archive & Analyze

Honcho archives all company-sanctioned communications channels and risk-scores each one, making high-risk communications easy to identify among a large number of messages.

Report & Correct

Honcho monitors and blocks damaging communications, reports on past communications, and uses analytics to propose future corrections as a legal and cultural demonstration of best efforts.

Get AI-powered communications protection.

The Honcho AI is continuously learning and updating to reflect the latest challenges and changes in language use, context, and modern nomenclature. The phrases that our processing engine identifies allows approved phrases to pass and flags others as problematic. The logic is curated from actual use cases and industry investigations.

How clients are using Honcho

Protect your communications

Honcho is technology that helps protect people, careers, and companies by preventing potentially damaging communications from ever being created. Let’s talk about how it’s done.