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Honcho is communications-protection software that helps reduce the risk of non-compliant communications. Detect when users are composing potentially problematic messages, have the ability to archive official communication channels, and support supervisory review of any issues that arise. Show employees, customers, and the world that you care about ensuring an ethical and compliant workplace. And, invest in your communications now to avoid costly litigation, regulatory fines, negative press, and a demoralized culture later.

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Honcho Guide

Honcho Guide is our in-the-moment coaching and training solution. Guide detects when users are composing communications that might violate your code of business ethics, policies or regulations and provides in-the-moment training to educate employees. Then, anonymous communications analytics are made available to help you understand how your team is communicating and ensure that compliance programs are effective.

Honcho Keep

Honcho Keep is our archiving and e-Discovery solution. Keep can archive all company-sanctioned communications channels. Messages are stored according to retention policies, de-duplicated, and made easily searchable for any historical communications.

Honcho Review

Honcho Review is our compliance workflow solution. Review has all the AI smarts for analyzing archived communications and puts the riskiest messages into an inbox for compliance review. Risky messages detected with Guide also appear in this unified inbox providing full context into the communication.

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The Honcho AI is continuously learning and updating to reflect the latest challenges and changes in language use, context, and modern nomenclature. The phrases that our processing engine identifies as problematic are flagged as users type to help them revise and avoid language that could be non-compliant, harassing, or damaging. The logic is curated from actual use cases, industry investigations and prominent subject matter experts.

Elevate your communications

Honcho is the only AI-powered communications protection software that coaches and trains as employees type to help compliance and HR professionals build and maintain exceptional communications practices in their companies. Let’s talk about how it’s done.