Project Description

Yet Another Terrible Idea

by Anish Parikh

 [hän-(ˌ)chō] Noun A word of Japanese origin meaning “squad leader.” The honcho sets high expectations, is a guiding star, and holds others accountable when they screw up.

I hope everyone had a restful and relaxing holiday season! I got to spend some great time with my boys. Really rewarding. Sticking to my day job…

When I reflect back on the amazing things we have accomplished together over the past few years, I am reminded that when I was just starting this company one of my (then) mentors reached out to tell me how terrible an idea it would be to prevent damaging communications, and how I should do anything with my career except that! I’ve been told I have selective hearing…can’t remember by whom 🙂

Because of this deficiency, over the past few years we have:

  • Built a novel product that remains the most effective way to mitigate risk
  • Signed on some of the world’s greatest enterprises as customers
  • Attracted top talent to help execute our vision

I have described what we do thousands of times over the years.

What has become clear as a result of those conversations:

  • Any successful enterprise has a “target on its back”
  • Employees of those enterprises inherit that target
  • Whistler did not communicate much about our vision for the company to newcomers.

In the last days of 2019, we finally retired Whistler and became Honcho. Several people told me what a terrible idea it would be to change our name to Honcho…again I can’t seem to remember who!

Honcho makes incredibly effective, brain-dead simple software for those who:

  • Make bold decisions to keep their companies safe
  • Take responsibility for their communications to protect their careers
  • Take responsibility for their and their teammates’ communications to protect and advance their enterprise

Looking ahead, Honcho will continue to evolve, to:

  • Address HR, IT, and legal concerns
  • Provide in-the-moment guidance to every employee in an enterprise, helping them protect their careers and reputations while protecting the enterprise

I have no doubt that countless people have told our customers what a terrible idea automated surveillance and interdiction is. What I admire most about those Honchos is that they did not listen.

I’m excited for what the future holds for us, and all the terrible ideas we have in store for one another.