Honcho [hän-(ˌ)chō]


A word of Japanese origin meaning “squad leader.” The honcho sets high expectations, is a guiding star, and holds others accountable when they screw up.

“I’ve seen out-of-context and poorly thought out communications damage far too many careers and companies. By protecting people and organizations with technology, we can prevent career-limiting or career-ending communications before they ever even happen.”

Anish Parikh, CEO & Founder

Why we invented Honcho

Honcho was born when an offhand instant message dragged a friend and his company into frivolous litigation that took three years, cost the company millions, and caused untold stress. We saw how technology could make this situation a thing of the past and set off to bring our solution to the world’s greatest enterprises.

Hear from Honcho

We promise we won’t send you dumb stuff.inbox clutter.

We’ve got blog posts, podcasts, and other content to help you with communications protection. 

Our Values

Seek to understand
How can we help?
Meet people where they are
7x persistence
Do what you say; don’t say what you won’t do

We ensure that we only make promises we intend to keep, and we keep the promises we make.

Honcho’s Honchos

Anish Parikh
Head Honcho

Jason Patel
Client Success Honcho

Sarah Stadler
Marketing Honcho

India Nolen-Tuleja
Culture & Systems Honcho

Jonathan Moskowitz
Operations Honcho

Paul Barrick
Engineering Honcho

Sean Sullivan
Product Honcho

Protect your communications

Honcho is technology that helps protect people, careers, and companies by preventing potentially damaging communications from ever being created. Let’s talk about how it’s done.